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Intro Tech N9ne
I'm hella mixed up, yes, I know
A lot of good and bad stuff as I grow
So now that I gotta live life when I'm both all I can say

Hook Tech N9ne
What's my name? EBAH
Evil brain, angel heart
Evil brain, angel heart
Evil brain, angel heart
Evil brain, angel heart

Verse 1 Tech N9ne
Fucking right, I'm a maniac and I'm loving it
Call me anything but my motherfucking government
I can love a bit, no, a big my love will get
But in my brain I stay insane and I'm always on some other shit
Really want to fuck a bitch, E.B. can't get enough of this
See me take what I stuck her with then I got to run and give it to another chick
Gutter trick, suck a dick State the texture of a brick
Making them Magnum rubbers split, what a prick, the brother's sick
Now back to my love, like to go there
Even when it's annoying like long nose hair
I can so share my heart in the cold air
And it's no fair, the size of it is so rare
Bloody murder, muddy word of wretched death rhymes
Take me light and my darkness will take your breath time
Call me Socrates or you can call me Tech N9ne
But since I found my new sinister out of respect I'm

Hook Tech N9ne

Verse 2 Tech N9ne
Liberate me, Lord
I'm an angel and on this wicked planet nobody understands my angle is love
I was sent from above, but I've landed in blood
Psycho bandit, I've become a frightful damage and scud
Missile your mentals are misinformed and mixed in the middle of my menace
Murderers, Michael Myers' my mimic
Mom, you made a monster, I'm making minions in minutes
Money motivated mishap, as moody as Monica's m

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